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The expansion of FUE is defined as Follicular Unit Extraction. Hair transplantation is the process of grafting hair follicles in the form of grafts (in the form of two, three, or four roots) from appropriate regions without any cuts in the person to be transplanted. This operation is the most advanced and accurate method of hair transplantation.

  1. First Step:Introduction and Price Informations

    With the help of photos you send, you will be informed about the price of fue hair plant. WhatsApp contact numbers previously +90 0000000000 or  the and photos sent to our domestic patients
     the appointment date is given and they are invited to my hospital. Transfer of our patients from abroad from our airport to our center takes place from our side.Accommodation arrangements are set up with our agreed dealers. Or Ifpreferred, wewill be hospitalized in our hospital for a certain period of time.
  2. Second Step:Hair Transplantation Planning

    Following the meeting, we will have a detailed analysis of the hair with our specialists.The hairline of the areas to be planted is determined by the patient's consent, but the drawing is not applied. The hairline is drawn after graft removal.Your photos are taken before FUE hair transplantation and aesthetically your hair is shortened to number 1 with the shaver.
  3. Thırd Stage: Local Anesthesia

    Local anesthetic medication to be used in the open area are injected into the skin.Thus, the patient is prepared for a comfortable planting without pain.This application can also be seen is the answer to the question fue hair transplantation processispainful.
  4. Fourth Stage:Extracting Grafts

    The process of extracting the grafts is usually started from the donor area called the top of the nape that is the back of the neck. With the help of a tool called a Fue motor, hair follicles are extracting from the area.
    The blood in the area of grafting returns to normal within 10 days,After 15 days the blood on the mend  completely

    Note: This operation takes half the time of the operation. The average duration of Fue hair transplant is 6 hours.
    Here, talent and experience combine to form unbroken hair roots and are conveniently stored for future transportation. The most important issue here is that hair roots are healthy and lasting.
  5. Fifth Stage: Determination of hair line

    With the help of previous photographs, the specialists decide on the oblique lines and the finish lines in terms of the natural and frequent appearance of the operation after planting. There are standards recommended by the European Association of Hair Surgery Centers. The hair analysis is done in detail and this stage is completed and the fue hair is channeled.

    Note: The hairline in FUE hair transplantation is the most important point of operation. The decision on what to do with the sowing is determined by the approval of the patient.
  6. Sixth Stage: Determination of Hair Direction and Channel Opening

    In the Fue method, your doctor will specialize in planting your hair in a direction that is as high as 80% of the direction and shape of your new hair. A good hair transplantation specialist will not leave you alone with long hair on one side. Speak to your knowledge and experience to reveal the hair you can scan and shape. The most important factor in the results of hair transplantation done in our hospital is to obtain a frequent and natural appearance so that hair transplantation is not known.
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